A blue Airport.

The Airport is a building that can be built in The Conquerors. It can spawn a variety of air units with different purposes. The units the Airport spawn can also be customised to look cooler with the new Sci-Fi Planes gamepass. 


The Airport cost $300 to build and can spawn four kinds of planes. It is recommend not to purchase the Airport with the $300 you begin with but rather wait until you have a high P/M, as planes are quite costly. There are no additional requirements other than the basic ones of having a building near where the Airport is to be built.


The Airport' can spawn four types of planes. Three of which can attack, the Light Plane and Heavy Plane attack normal units and buildings, and the Stealth Bomber is used to attack buildings. The Transport Plane is used for transporting ground units.

Planes names and prices.


Light Plane $75
Heavy Plane $100
Transport Plane $125
Stealth Bomber $175