This is a page about the unit Artillery.


This Artillery unit first needs to be researched in the Research Center (costing you 100$) for 55$. After you have researched the unit, it will be available in a fort (costing you 200$). The main unit itself costs 115$ so it is something to watch out for. All together, the cost is 470$ which is quite alot - you should consider not spending this all at once. This unit counts towards you tank limit.

Usage and tipsEdit

The artillery is a very good bombard unit. The only thing it lacks is health. Being one of the weakest units in a game it is a good idea to back it up strong tanks or airplanes or mother ships. Something to make them think twice about attacking it. It is a horrible idea to send it into battle alone. The only thing an artillery can attack is a building. One of the advantages of having an Artillery unit is that to attack is it's range stays out of the command center,headquarters,turrets range. This means you can bombard the turrets without allowing your troops to die. A tip is to take out the turrets then let your main force go in so, you suffer less kills from the turrets thus providing a better chance to conquer. Also do not have it bunched up. This causes the missiles it launches to fly all over the map taking time to hit the building and it does an angle shot missile not a laser like a normal turret would fire