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An epic fight with battleships and space units in TC 3. Notice the Sci-Fi look on some ships and the space units.


Basic Overview Edit

Battleships are the go-to naval unit for most players. It is not as strong as the aircraft carrier, but is much cheaper. They are considered to be twice as good as gunboats, but less health than aircraft carriers. They were in all three Conquerors games.

The Conquerors OriginalEdit

Recommned unit for land battles. They have moderate attack, and they are good against enemy shore buildings and units.

The Conquerors Mark IIEdit

They outrange a railgun and are great for attack enemy bases, even at long distances. In the map "Evergreen Islands," most start bases can be destroyed with a battleship. They can also outrange railguns. They cost $130.

Stats in The Conquerors Mark II
Price $130
Damage per Hit >fill in later<
Health 400 HP

 The Conquerors 3Edit

Battleships become used in rushing enemy naval shipyards (which have their name changed) and cost $160. They can have the Sci-fi visual pack on them.

Important Information Edit

They are made in the docks (naval shipyard in TC3).

They are better than gunboats.

They have a Sci-fi look.

In Mark II they had 20 damage per attack and 400 health. (One railgun hit.)

They are able to be glitched on land in the Original Conquerors and Mark II.