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A Purple Headquarters

The Headquarters is a building that players can build in The Conquerors.


The Headquarters costs $500 to build, making it the second most expensive building in the game, and a player can not have two Headquarters under their control. The Headquarters is essentially two Command Centers rolled into one. It is very sturdy and takes about 4 ICBM Missiles to destroy. The stripes on the four white columns vary by the color of the builder


The Headquarters has double the health of a Command Center and allows players to share buildings on 1-Ally maps. The Headquarters has four turrets  mounted on top of it like the Command Center and will shoot at nearby enemy units. Unlike turrets, however, it will not be shot at by Artillery. The Headquarters can also function similar to a Bunker; allowing players to garrison up to 6 troops inside it; however, if the Headquarters is destroyed, the units inside will all die. Garrisoned units will be protected from damage inside the Headquarters, shielding them from enemy fire and even nuclear explosions.