The Heavy Soilder is a ground unit used for attack. The Heavy Soldier looks similar to 

A yellow Heavy Soldier.

a Light Soldier and only differs in attack strength.


The Heavy Soldier is stronger than a Light Solder but not as Strong as a Juggernaut, and only fills one unit space instead of the juggernauts two. Because of this, it is heavily relied on as the main attacking unit in the game. It is incredibly destructive when in swarms alongside tanks and planes. Seeing as how you start a new round with $300 and three Light Soldiers, you could have a ten unit army right away $150 for a Barracks, and $140 on seven Heavy Soldiers. Heavy soldiers move faster then tanks but only by a small degree. They are frequentely used in combination with tanks.

Heavy soldiers are best at killing enemy infantary, ok at shooting tanks, most buildings and aircraft, but are not very usable against turrets (Instead, use a Heavy Tank).

A fairly rare tactic is to use snipers/tanks to engage these soldiers at range as their terrible range means they can be shot at but not shoot back. A deployed sniper nicely placed near an enemy barracks can instantly take out troops being produced, leaving to disarray until he is found, so be careful their range is not being taken advantage of.

The heavy soldier cannot pass through unbroken walls, and said walls take a long time to be destroyed by just soldiers, leading to a nice usage for walls against heavy soldiers.

Heavy soldiers are more often then not in the later game stages (70 mins remaining or less) used as fodder to protect other, more important units (ie tanks) being shot. They are often the infantary of choice if there is free soldier slots and these soldiers can have minimal impact on your army if you send them away to destroy Power Plants

The Conquerors OriginalEdit

They are the main unit for infantry. They are the main unit for attacking and used to look exactly the same as Light soldiers. The are easy to make in the barracks and cost $20.

The Conquerors Mark IIEdit

They have the same health as a light solder and are the most common unit. They are used to attack enemy bases,
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.41.49 PM

A heavy soldier in The Conquerors Mark II

plants, and asssit with tanks. The are made in the barracks. This is also the first game to have a VERY destinct look, preventing them from being confused with light soldiers.
Stats in The Conquerors Mark II
Price $20
Damage per Hit 2 Damage
Health 100 HP

The Conquerors 3Edit

The most basic attack unit. 7-8 are recommended as the minimum to destory a Command Center after the 20 minute mark. They are good at attack and defense and are made in the Barracks for $20.