Basic OverviewEdit

The Light Soilder is a ground unit used for attack. The light Soldier looks similar to


A red Light Soldier in the Conquerors Original.

a Heavy Soldier and only differs in attack and defence strength. He considerered to be about half as good as a heavy soldier. He cost 


The Light Soldier is the cheapest unit in the game only costing $10, and can only be spawned at a Barracks. Also, you will start each new round with Light Soldiers.


Seeing as how they are so weak not many players use Light Soldiers, however they spawn fast and can be dangerous when in large groups or backed up with planes and tanks. They can be garrisoned in Jeeps, Humvees, Bunkers, Transport Planes and Transport Ships. The first three which you start each new round with, are mainly used to scout and build new PP's and NP's (Power Plants and Nuclear Plants, respectively).

The Conquerors OriginalEdit

A very basic unit. You start out with 3 and can make more in the barracks. They cost $10 and are about half as good as a heavy soldier. It is not recommneded you make large armies of them, becauses heavy soldiers take up one unit space and are stronger.

The Conquerors Mark IIEdit

Along with a scout and light tank, you get 2 light soldiers. It is recommended that you leave these at home and let the scout make the power plants. They look about the same as in The Conquerors Original and The Conquerors 3.
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 8.42.04 PM

A black light soldier in The Conquerors Mark II.

Price $10
Damage per hit 1 Damage
Health 100 HP

The Conquerors 3.Edit

Along with a Constuction Soldier in water maps, the player will spawn with 3 light soldiers. They are the main units used to make plants. If an enemy plant is present on a water map you can use the constuction soldier to aviod any conflict. The light soldier still costs $10.