The Conquerors 3 Wiki IntroductionEdit

The Conquerors 3 is a game where you enter a match of strategy. You make money to build units and other utilities to aid you in battle or to help conquer others. It's never hard to lose, but it is hard to win. I have won many times; I have used good strategies. I have developed my strategies along the way while playing the game for a bit.

About The GameEdit

In the game, you start off with about 300 money. Your money can be used to build money maker plants: Nuclear plants or Power plants. It can also be used to build other buildings. In the game, you try to conquer everyone with your allies to win. There also alternate modes that have different objectives.

Things Not To DoEdit

Before we jump on in to the tips, there are some things not to do. These are my opinions; here are the NOs:

  1. Never spam build buildings that you don't need at the start. It's a waste of money
  2. Don't spend all your money right away. Don't buy an Airport right away, it'll take you a long time to get up.
  3. Don't attack right away. Getting heavies and attacking right away is not good, your troops will get wiped out and when you move all of them, you'll be left unprotected
  4. Do not try to build a Plant at an enemy's base or control area. It'll cause too much conflict.
  5. Never leave your base unprotected. You could be taken down easily.
  6. Do not talk plans on public chat. They'll (your enemy)  know your plans, all of it
  7. Don't try to aggravate anybody (who is not your ally), they'll target you hard.
  8. For defense, don't spam turrets. Artillery can easily destroy turrets and spamming turrets make you look bad on offense.
  9. On more compacted maps, "Mechanics" for example, do not team with another group thats in close proximity to you as you, your ally, and the other person(s) will suffer from lack of income. More noticeably in the end game. Sharing crystals can lower such effect but there will usually still be one or two crystals you wont want to or the other team wont want, or cant share.

Tips And Things To DoEdit

Finally, we are here. Note that these go in order. Here are the tips (and two sneaky) you can use to your advantage:

  1. Find a good ally or allies in a mode different from Survival (make sure they close to you). They can help you out very nicely.
  2. In the start of the game, everyone will have only troops. Use snipers at the start of the game to wipe out troops. Although, snipers only attack troops, not tanks, buildings, or planes. So don't rely on them too much.
  3. Make plans and roles with your allies.
  5. Build up your attacks and support stuff.
  6. Research nuke, walls, juggernauts, capacities, fire nukes, artillery.
  7. Once you are done with researching what you want, sell you research centers. This will allow you to make more buildings that you need.
  8. Get your defense up.
  9. Make a nuke.
  10. Make good units and have it in queues, along with nukes too.
  11. Plan your attacks.
  12. Take advantage of construction soldiers as they are the first step in order to make a base from anywhere from the map.
  13. When attacking, plan it with your allies.
  14. Take out enemies economy first.
  15. Nuke an enemy.
  16. Wait for an enemy attack.
    RobloxScreenShot04272013 222706240

    An ICBM/NUKE explosion.

    14.1 When a base enemy have a little army, try to destory them and late RUN xD
  17. Weaken their army, they might come at full or limited force.
  18. Take out their support buildings, like nuke silos.
  19. Weaken them more.
  20. Attack!

Fortify your baseEdit

Use forts and headquarters to secure your base. There has also been an update which allows you to build a shield generator, which is great for defending something such as a far away nuclear silo, because they just work, no assistance needed.

That's All FolksEdit

Thank you for reading, I hope you learned something from this. I like being helpful so yeah, I made this to help everybody and I hope I did. BYE!


Conquerors Mark 3 (actual game photo)