The Tank Factory in The Conquerors made by Hat Helper is a building that makes armored vehicles.

Tank factory

A black Tank Factory

Building & Info Edit

The building itself costs $250 and you can get it in the start because you get $300 when you spawn. It makes armored vehicles in the order of their health (Construction tank, Light Tank, Heavy Tank). The building has medium to low health, it's also good to place turrets around it to defend it. It is an important building because tanks are great against buildings and other tanks in great numbers. The selling price is 58 at full health.


If you have more than 1 tank factory than you can go to Int. double click it and click set rally point at what factory you want your tanks to spawn.
This building resists 2 ICBM attacks.
If you don't have so much cash and have a talking ally you can click the ally button until 2 icons pop up, a donate and share buildings button (only on a 1 ally map). Then make him share his buildings too so you can make tanks at his Tank Factory.

Vehicle name (In health and cost order) Price
Construction Tank 70$
Light tank 70$
Heavy Tank 90$