Whenever I play on a map such as The Two Caves or Fantasy 2, I capture two nuclear plants. Then, I immediately buy a research center and save up a slight bit of cash to research walls. I ask one of my teammates to make barracks, while my walls are being researched I capture oil rigs, but still save cash. Once finished, I make 2-4 construction soldiers and place the yards and the entrance/exit area. Then I reinforce it with Anti-Air guns, Turrets, Forts, Shields, etc. I have never lost a single round doing it on both maps. The rounds tend to last longer as the point of it is to allow your teammates to get extremely good units by protecting them so they can focus on production instead of defense, but you still need to have a navy and other forms of defense. Most of the time near the end (because i have so much cash) Buy a lot of research centers and resarch nukes to support my attacking teammates. In my opinion, this is the most over powered strategy ever. Especially for defensive strategies.